Monday, 23 May 2011

Green and pleasant land

We have all been very busy of late, with plenty of work in between the fun.

I've had tons more editing work in, which is most excellent for the pennies and the potential for further contracts.

We have also had some wonderful friends to stay, and been walking with other friends in the hills. For someone who was born in a seaside town, I bloody HATE the sea! Give me hills any day :)

When I lived down in Cambridge, I used to adore coming home, driving up the M6 and watching the land change from pancake-flat to lumpy bumpy green and pleasant land.

And look at the lovely view. It was mighty refreshing to have the strong wind blasting through my hair. I'd show you a picture, but I ended up looking like Leo Sayer...

And these for cuteness:

When our friends came to stay, we took all the children to a farm and this pony had just birthed a foal the day before. I think Mummy was rather camera-shy and was hiding Baby very well. I think I would be protective too :)

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