Sunday, 15 May 2011

What's by your bed??

What do you have on your bedside table??

I usually have a ton of books, and when I’ve just crawled into bed, a nice soothing cup of something herbal.

I love my bed :)


Shell said...

Heck...1 giraffe toy bought by the hubby, 1 wooden heart made the hubby, 3 pieces of quartz sent by your lovely self, 1 tiny heart stone found on the beach by the lovely hubby, 1 clock radio, 1 book, 1 scallop shell full of hair ties, 1 doily for my cup, 1 jar of lipbalm...that's just the actual cabinet! On the shelf next to the cabinet (the extension!!) I have my journal, a stack of books, my body cream, a tiny set of wooden drawers with handmade jewellery in, a photo of hubby and myself and a small shot glass with the kids lost teeth in!!!!!!

Dawn said...

A ton of books here too, but nothing as tidy as your bedside! I daren't photograph it ;)
Actually I should be up there tidying it right now, it's the room I am tackling today. Well after a bit of PC time :-)

Lady Green said...

Ah yes, but I removed the snotty tissues and baby wipes prior to photographing! Creams and potions are up above on a little corner shelf :)

~mc~ said...

I have a ton of books by my bed, too ... both sides!

I'll have to post a pic of it soon, right now I am focused on posting about my strawbale garden experiment.

Glad I found you blog ... check mine out, too :)