Monday, 25 April 2011

Little House on the Rockery

The Man of the House finally finished off the Pixies’ Little House on the Rockery. They adore it. A gifted house from a friend, with a path built by Daddy from reclaimed bricks after our new build was completed. Chainsaw-carved owl and hedgehogs courtesy of our best friend over at Acorn Woodcraft. Perfect!

The weather has been so fantastic I’ve literally had to drag them in at night time and bath them both. Then clean out the bath afterwards as it has been so disgustingly dirty after my little soil queens have been in it.

The veggie patch is coming along but I’ve realised that to actually GROW things, I have to PLANT things.

You can see the onions coming up nicely at the far end and the potatoes are planted at the nearest end. We have a dozen planters and tubs as well as the herb garden conveniently housed on top of the chicken pen.

Plant plant, grow grow!


missking said...

love the house! my girls love our wendy house too. also have to drag mine in with all this amazing weather! so sad to be thinking about work again now:(

Rose said...

LOVE little house on the rockery! X X X

Shazronnie said...

That house looks so cute! The veggie patch looks very ... er ... neat?