Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year: New Me

Aims for this year:

1. To finally send off my manuscript.
2. Start a new blog 
3. Increase the growing capacity of our garden.
4. Have more structure in our home-education life. Too much autonomy does NOT always work for our family :(
5. Spend less time online.
6. Try to reduce/eradicate our supermarket usage (in our house, obviously - I can't take on the world. Or can I?...)
7. Re-learn the acoustic guitar. Seriously, how hard can it be?
8. Play more classical piano.
9. Think about advertising for more freelance work. My brain is getting tired.
10.  Make more time for ME. Yes, that's right, I shall be selfish and demand small amounts of time on my OWN :)
11.  Stock up on my herbs and potions cupboard. It's looking a little bear! bare. And prepare my herbs better before next winter sets in, so they don't end up dead and mangy. 
12.  Maintain this journal. For an entire year. Feck, that's a LOT of cakey to get through whilst writing.

Stick with me!

Claire xx


    The Barefoot Crofter said...

    Hello- hope you don't mind if I drop in now and then - you did mention cake....

    Dawn said...

    Popping by for some cake-ee too!
    Happy New Year, look forward to reading your new blog x

    Shell said...

    Happy, happy new year to you. Hope you've got a big cake ;o) xxxx

    Talie said...

    Someone say cake? xx

    Joxy said...

    I'm suppose to be trying to loose weight.. oh dear, will one little slice hurt much? hehehehe.

    Ohh and yes my herbs and potions are looking in a very sorry state too.

    Scented Sweetpeas said...

    oohh I love your new look! Will love seeing how you do with your to do list :-)

    Lady Green said...

    Yay, cakey for everyone! Thanks for joining me over here ladies :) You're all welcome to pop by anytime xxx

    LesleyA said...

    Hiya I'm joining you all too :)