Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Finding our Rhythm

A lovely day yesterday of just 'being'. Our Pixies went to Grandma and Grandad's house for the day, so we go time to breathe, eat out and talk together. No questions like "Why have you got hairs down there?" or little ladies clawing at my top for mammy milk. Of course we missed them like crazy but it's always good to have breathing space.

And reflect on things in general. I think it's that dark time of year, where light is slowly creeping forwards, but still shrouded in too much darkness to make too many changes. Either that, or I'm just a lazy arse and can't be bothered. I sooooo want Spring to arrive now. I have garden plans :)

I think we need to find our rhythm again. After the Chrisumerism holidays, it is taking a HUGE amount of motivation to even get up in the morning. The Husband has been off work for 2 weeks, and as we're self-employed, it's all good (aside from no work = no pennies). We are lying in bed, mincing the mornings away, albeit having a snuggly, jolly time doing so, but still...

Baking our bread for the day is a nice way to start, and we make Porridgies for our baggin' (mid-morning/mid-afternoon/any-time-the-hell-you-like snacks). It's a Katie Morag thing! 

And freshly-ground coffee helps too :)

I also made some beeswax modelling clay a while back, but it was a little bit too stiff for small fingers, so I had a bit of a mammy craft session and fashioned it into a Goddess figure. The Big Pixie said the figure is "...just an old lady with her belly hanging down and boobies out." Although her boobs really do look too pert, I rather like her and have popped her on the season hearth.

I haven't done any healing for ages, aside from the children, but am due to meet with one of my Reiki students later this month, so hopefully this will spur me on to do some self-healing: I have lots of areas to work on :)

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