Saturday, 15 January 2011

A little Reiki love :)

A lovely day today, minus my beautiful pixies.

I have been truly poorly this last week so my lovely mammy offered to have the ladies for the day.

And my kind friend Gavin came over for the day where we shared some Reiki.

We started with a top-up attunement to strengthen the energy - I am Gavin's Reiki Master, so we are really used to working with each other. Then we had a lovely lunch provided by the hennies - fried egg sandwiches. Awesome!

Then we gave Reiki treatments to each other. I always see lots of colours and floaty things during Reiki treatments, and the atmosphere was so peaceful. I'm also incredibly grateful to have friends like Gavin to help when I need it. And blessed to have access to the gift of healing.

I am sooooooo relaxed this evening, but my mind is sharpened and I feel less  like hiding in the black hole that has been hovering over me this week. My anxiety levels have been simply vile and I am waiting for a magical potion from the herbalist and have a homeopath appointment next week. Hopefully the combination of all this will boost me :)

And of course, lots more self-treatment with Reiki I think. Healing has to start from within, and I am responsible for that. 

Namasté, lovely ones xxx

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