Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fairies, food and infusions

A busy few days, darting here and there with the Pixies for play-dates and fun. And also trying to save money, so reducing petrol usage and cutting back on the food budget.

We have done two shops - one from the supermarket and one at Abel and Cole and are making do with that, rather than nipping out to the shop for 'little bits' (you know the ones - you go in for milk, and spend £30 without realising). Running the food stock that low is quite scary actually, but ingenious what one can concoct with a jar of olives for a lunch-time snack.

Having 5 hennies in the garden also helps with meals - fritatta, boiled egg chucky dip-dip, omelette, pancakes, cakey...lots of meal options that are healthy and free.

We also go through a ton of spuds too - oven potato wedges are a favourite: par-boiled and sprinkled with rock salt and paprika and coconut oil, lidded and shaken around like crazy, then oven-baked for 40 minutes. Perfect with ketchup :)

I have also replaced the sugar in our cakey/cooking with honey, for the most. Our home-popped popcorn in coconut oil especially tastes amazing with sticky organic honey drizzled over it and both the Little and Big Pixie are delighted to munch through a bowl or two.

We've been crafting foam fairies - a lovely gift from a lovely friend for the Big Pixie. They are suspended from the light in the Pixies' play room and look very cute.

I've also been drinking plenty of infusions, mostly nettle, but skullcap and calendula too. I infuse overnight (the jam jar is mighty effective for this) so to extract the maximum benefit from the herbs. I know this nettle looks like pond slurry, but it tastes much better.

And a handbag charm I made for my new Cath Kidston bag my sister bought me.

So that's where we're up to at The Green Journals - how about you? Are you feeling frugal or free-flowing in the cash department??


liz said...

Certainly no free flowing in the cash department here! We too are trying to cut back on those little extra trips to the shops, you can certainly end up spending a small fortune! I have been cooking a new dal recipe from my new indian cookbook which the children seem to love, and with homemade naans, makes quite a cheap meal. I love the fairies, they would be right up my daughters street, where were they from? Ooh and I love making popcorn, the coconut and honey sounds divine, will have to try that this week, yumm!

Lady Green said...

These look like the ones: http://www.elc.co.uk/Craft-Bag-Fairies-Kit/119228,default,pd.html Bargain price for such a lovely craft kit!

liz said...

Thankyou for the link, they look great!

ruby said...

JEALOUS!!!!! you know why lady! xx

LisaT said...

The fairies are gorgeous hun. Very frugal here too. Just a veg/fruit box, eggs, milk and cheese for us each week! Feels good to be saving a few pennies and also to be using up some storecupboard ingredients and be very inventive with cooking!

LesleyA said...

Frugal with a capital F here too. Our hens aren't fully laying yet but they are doing their best and it helps! A freecycle breadmaker means I can make the dough up in that (the cold weather renders my bread dough unpredictable) and the bread is yummy! Eggs and bread, supermarket fruit and veg for the time being, lots of rice, pasta and potatoes, and roll on spring when we can get growing stuff to eat :)

Lady Green said...

Glad it's not just us who are Frugalers right now! Quite enjoying 'making do' actually. And resisting the temptation for 'shop popping' - saving lots of money! xxx

Anonymous said...

I drink Nettle and Red Clover infusions all the time (yummy) but I've never heard of anyone drinking Calendula as an infusion. I do use it to make oil, cream and lip balm, but haven't ever thought to use it internally. What are the benefits, if you don't mind me asking?