Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Oldies are the Goodies

Pixie has been self-teaching herself to read of late, with a little assistance from us.

She goes to bed after our story time with a minimum of 12 books, and it's so lovely to hear her reading them out loud to herself.

The Cat in The Hat and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (a read together book) are current favourites

But the oldies are the best for self-teaching and reading out loud. Although Going To School is of absolutely no relevance to our household, the large and clear wording has delighted Tiddly Pom in being able to read it herself. These were my old books too :)

She has also managed (not sure how) to teach herself how to do joined-up writing. I think she found a letter that had beautiful cursive script in it. And she has done a marvellous job in practising it. In her words "Oooh Mammy, I'm ever so pleased with myself!". Autonomy at its best.


Dawn said...

Well done Phoebe - I remember Imogen being equally proud of herself when she taught herself to read after announcing she wanted to one day, she has never looked back. Her school are being challenged now to find books at her reading level -(he he, keep them on their toes!).

By the way, have you lifted one of our bookshelves? I'm pretty sure we have all of those photographed above ;-)


Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fantastic, lovely to mark progress on a blog so you can look back years later.