Monday, 18 October 2010

Frugal finds

Some recent charity shop finds:

A fab little book about seasons, perfect for our new project, and only 19p! Flippin' get in there!

And the complete set of Narnia books. I had the full set of these when I was little, but I think they actually belonged to my sister so thought we would re-purchase. £1.50. Bargaintastic.

And bargain of the day...

...a gorgeous Mini Boden tunic dress for Pixie: £1.20. I nearly peed with excitement and wished there was one that would stretch over my bangers, but nothing doing.

Still happily hibernating, seeing a few folk but really feeling like being nice and quiet. I organised a vaccination  lecture by the very great Dr Jayne Donegan. She was brilliant to hear and it was great to have all of our research and concerns validated by a worthy source. Just the Boobs for Babes calendar to finish off - our graphic designer is currently working hard on the layout, and then I truly am having a nice break from everything.


Lou said...

Just wanted to say how much i love reading your blog. It makes me giggle. Thank you - Lou xx

Joxy said...

That dress if beautiful!

BTW are you still taking orders? Have to find your website again amongst the hoardes I have book maarked (one day I will sort them all!)

You know the vicky bookmarke you did for me, I'd like a couple more with Jenny and Sarah, if poss. :D :D :D

missking said...

making me laugh too!! ;)

Claire said...

Glad I bring cheer to you ;)

I am still doing the odd jewellery order Jacqui - will mail you via GP (you've deleted FB haven't you?) and get some bookies to you.

Hope you're all well my lovelies xxx

Joxy said...

Oh you are a darling, thank you.

Yup no longer got FB.

I'll go and log into GP :-)