Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A little Weleda magic :)

I have recently been asked about my most favourite products I use on the children, and which I would recommend. The one I could not do without is Weleda's Calendula Nappy Cream. I tried to make my own but nothing at all as been as soothing and effective on my tiny girl's bottom.

It's always lovely to recommend products I find really great, especially with so many bottles and tubes of vileness on the shelves these days, it's good to find a company whose ethics and products I totally identify with.

A big green eco sticker of love for Weleda :)

Here is a sneaky peek in my small bag from the changing bag I take out with me:

By the way, this is also a handy tip for using a bottle holder as a well, bottle holder. But as seen as I carry my baby's milk in my boobs, it doubles-up nicely as a toiletry carrier :) Bach Flower Remedy - a must; Helios Arnica Cream; home-made bruise balm with arnica, sunflower, chamomile, lavender and beeswax; Weleda's Nappy Cream, Wild Rose Deodorant, Arnica tablets and Hypericum and Calendula Ointment (not pictured due to usage this afternoon at a friend's house!). Also a nice bottle of home-made hand sanitizer, made from vodka and tea tree (unfortunately, non-drinkable!)

My other staples:

Calendula Cream Bath

The Cream Bath makes the bath water feel quite silky, which in turn does not dry out the children's skin. I have noticed a difference in the children's skin not feeling as dry as it previously did, just bathing in normal bathwater. We don't live in an area which has particularly hard water, but I imagine if we did, the Calendula Cream Bath would be a perfect product to use.

Children's Tooth Gel

This tooth gel gets happy smiles from both baby and a small girl. The fresh taste and smoothness of the gel made the children's tooth brushing sessions much more pleasant, and as my four-year-old said "This is lovely and much better than the other rubbish, Mummy. It doesn't taste clacky!" So there you have it, a gold merit award from a very particular small girl.

Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

We've been using this for quite a time now and I love the gentleness of the product, and its all-round cleaning capability. I love that I can slather a little on baby's head and use the suds right down to her tiny toes, knowing that the product never dries or irritates her skin in any way. And that she is left super clean and smelling lovely, all without any dodgy chemicals that you find in most other brands. A big thumbs-up for this product.

Calendula Nappy Cream

This is another product we have used right from our Eveline's birth. It really should be re-labelled 'Magic in a Tube'. Any slight reddening of the nappy area is guaranteed to disappear with a little smudging of the cream onto sore bits. Every time. We have never been disappointed with it at all, and it has even found its way into Daddy's golfing bag when he's had a long round and gets chaffing  - not really a thing he'd want you to know, but there it is! I use it too on our four-year-old occasionally, to great effect. Fabulous stuff.

What are your baby faves you couldn't live without??


Becks said...

Hehe - Owen has just said "mum, why is there a picture of our toothpaste and bathwash on the puter?".
Absolute fave baby must have here? Chamomile solution for cleaning little bottoms, carried in a spray bottle.

LesleyA said...

Weleda Calendula nappy change cream - I second that, it was all I used on Bella :)

Becky said...

Wow, are you me in disguise? I use almost all those products myself, the nappy cream in particular is absolutely fab (I even blogged about it too the other day!).

I'm using the shampoo/bodywash as my facial cleanser at the moment, it's good for grown-ups too!

I also love the rose deodorant though sometimes I use the citrus one. Always nice to have a change now and again.