Saturday, 9 October 2010

Crafty week

Well it's 03.30 hrs in the morning and I'm awake. Not because of any fretful children I might add; no. All is quiet up there. I have the monitor next to me and I can hear my hefty fella snoring thunder, and my two pixies gently sleeping soundly. And I'm frickin' full of snot and blocked sinuses, so it was either get up and breathe, or lay still and suffocate under a mountain of snot.

This is some of our week (well, the tiny bits we've actually stayed in the house).

Some pebbles, carefully snatched from Daddy's rockery...

A little Mod Podge and some fabric (obviously, a curly girl too)

And some cool painted pebbles.

Pixie's happy little ladybird

Mammy's birdie 

The start of our new throw, although admittedly, it might take beyond this year to finish.

But look at my new monster hook :) What a mother, compared to some of my other tiddlies. Can't wait to find some chunky, wispy yarn to play with.

Still in hibernation, which is great. I am rarely using the computer, aside from the odd dash of work, so it is lovely to be curled up on the bed with my babies, reading and snuggling.

I should be a dormouse :)


Shell said...

We loooooovvvee those pebbles xxx

Arlenkern74 said...

lovely ladybird , and mama's pebble too xx

Pippa said...

Oh, I just LOVE those painted pebbles! The ladybird is too cute and I think using fabric on the pebbles is brilliant. I have some rocks that I er .......ahem ...... stole from Mundersley Beach a few years ago (I know, I know, very bold) and I use them to keep the door open, you've got me thinking as to what I could decorate them with!!

Hope the snots clear up soon, night-time is always worse for some reason and it's horrible waking up with your mouth all dry and no room to breathe. xxxxx

LesleyA said...

Love the stones! When we were at the seaside this summer, the cottage we stayed in had lots of painted beach pebbles around :)