Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday stroll

A smiling pixie

Gorgeous trailing fuchsias we spotted

Oh no - who filled my backpack with something so cute and heavy??

Corn on the cob

A cutesy cow

Mid-tantrum I think...

Family monkey shot - see the two pixies holding hands? Melts my heart how loving they are to each other.

Yumble scrumble in our tumbles...foraged blackberry muffin loaf with a healthy slathering of icing on top :)

Perfect day :)


Pippa said...

What lovely photos!! Looks like you had a really happy day! Corn on the cob is my favourite vegetable I think. With lots of melted butte and salt!! Mmmmmmmmmmm. Those fuchsias are beautiful, it's lovely to see them growing wild in hedges sometimes.

ruby said...

oh what a lovely sunny day, the fusia's remind me of fairy dresses, have you seen the spiderwick chronicles?, if not must watch it's magical with fairy flowers. That yummy scrummy cake looks so good, please pass the recipe on, we have tons of blackberries now to use up xx

Miss Meep said...

Aw, lovely pics - and your cake looks amazing!

Talie said...

Gorgeous piccies missus. Cake looks delicious. Recipe please :-)