Tuesday, 10 August 2010


From Friday's forage (does it count that the father-in-law foraged for them??) Anyhoooo, greengages (and obviously there were slightly more than those above...)

Bubbly simmery yummity yum

Into jars...

...and on my toast. In. My. Belly. Oh yeah.

*NB I didn't take any pictures of the sticky children/kitchen/floor/dog so don't think I'm a tidy, smug chuffer here please.


missking said...

i love making jam!
i have just inherited from my dear nan, her large saucepan thing for jam making and i cant wait to get started!

well done you.
(missking from gp)

Claire said...

Ooooh a large jam pan - I would be excited too! Make sure you take piccies :) xxx

Becky said...

Aha! Greengages!! I have a tree of strange-yellow-plums in the garden. *dur* That I can now see are clearly greengages

Well done on the jam making, I need to get my butt into gear to do it too. D'you want any of my plums dear?