Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Post Offices

Our bargain find in the charity shop this week...£2..99 and YES I know it's shitty plastic, but I figured we'd saved it from a life on the tip, cluttering up with the crap of the world.

And little girls LOVE pretend things.

And even smaller girls love to touch/swipe/destroy anything that looks a bit interesting.

We made some stamps by cutting out coloured pictures from a magazine.

And we posted things all over the world - it was mighty cheap too, just "one" for everything - I highly recommend the Post Office at our house.

And the first carrot from our harvest this year. They taste great.

And I know what you're thinking, seeing my children in their night attire. Again. And the answer is that we rarely get dressed before midday. Too much playing, cooking, baking, mess-making and being silly to worry about yet again answering the door looking like an old hag.


Pippa said...

Oooh, I want a little post office!! I would have SO LOVED one of those when I was little, in fact, my ambition when I was little was to either be a waitress or work in a post office!! One of my favourite games was setting up post box and making a little cheque book. My brother would write me a bill (usually for some extravagant amount), post it and I would collect the post and write him a cheque and post it. I could have played doing that ALL DAY and used to bribe my brother with all kinds of treats for him to play with me (he thought it was a very boring game!)

I wonder if Eva would like something like this for her birthday in October or would I just be buying it for me ........

LesleyA said...

Haha Bella loves to play shops and everything in her shop costs "one" too!

Claire said...

Pip, you're more than welcome over to play with our Post Office honey??! You could stay all day and play and I could serve you tea and cakey ;) Lesley - does Bella's shop only sell ice cream?! x