Monday, 16 August 2010

My afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon stroll out this afternoon to Granny's Bay in St Annes and Fairhaven Lake too,

Lots of lovely fresh air. Well actually, it was chuffing cold. See below for proof.

The blanket-wrapped Tiddly Pom (Tiddly Wink was snug in the pram having an afternoon snoozle).

On the way back, we got ice cream and were just sat in the car overlooking the bay when I spotted a lady behaving a bit oddly.

She looked like she was staggering a bit, and was on the grass, teetering on the edge of a drop towards the sea. Mark said that it looked like she was playing with a child, but I wasn't convinced.

I left the car and walked towards her, and saw her drop off the ledge of grass onto the sand, out of view. Another chap had also reached her at the same time. After a few minutes of trying to talk to her, it became obvious she was two sheets to the wind. But the thing that got me was that she was so upset. Her eyes just radiated sadness and she held onto my hand and just looked so sorrowful, I can still see her face now this evening.

She was incredibly tearful and told me she was drunk. Then a man who said he was her husband walked towards her and said he would take her home and put her to bed. I have no doubt he was her husband, that's not a concern. Actually, I'm not sure what is but I feel sick at the thought of her face. Me and the other chap walked her to the car and helped her in - she really was hammered, but more so in a distraught way and when I helped her in, she took my hand again and said she was dying. I'm not sure whether she meant metaphorically, due to her inebriation, or she really was sick...I guess I'll never know. I asked her husband if she drunk often. He said she used to, but not for a few years.

Her husband showed little concern to be honest. He said he'd been out at work all day. Mark said she may have been heading for the sea. I personally don't think she would have made it that far - she was too out of it.

No one else on the beach or promenade even bothered their arses when it was clear this lady was in trouble, falling over etc. People just seemed to stare. I would not have thought twice about helping someone. At all. Full stop. What is the matter with folk these days?

I had to blog this because I can't get it out of mind and should I have done more, maybe asked for a telephone number to check on her tomorrow or something?

I hope she's ok.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

:-( that is so sad, you did your best and that is all you could have done but it just leaves you with so many questions I should think. Well done for helping her home.

Joxy said...


You made a connection, a brief one, but a connection nonetheless. Perhaps, she will find comfort in the kind stranger who held her hand.

LesleyA said...

Oh Claire hugs to you. It's true that she will remember your kindness X

Pippa said...

I think you did all you could at the time, Claire. I agree with Joxy, you made the connection and when she sobers up, she might remember that somebody did care. It is so sad though. People carry round some terrible burdens and from the outside, you'd never know. Sounds like this poor lady was carrying more than she could bear, but a stranger's kindness may have made all the difference to her. xxx