Monday, 25 May 2009

More makings and a new staple diet...

My first crochet item that came from a pattern I managed to read ALL BY MYSELF! Well, with a little help from Mr Google, a variety of odd sorts from YouTube and several hours of unpicking, foul language and chocolate. For those who know me, 'special' cannot even describe how my mind works re knitting and crochet patterns, so I actually feel like I have graduated and got my degree all over again.

I didn't photograph t'other side as it was about 1 inch too short and I had to do some adding on stitches but they went the upwards instead of across...anyhooooo, wonky or not, I bloody love 'em!

I am now officially the size of a small mammal. I cannot get out of bed in the night to pee unassisted - my pelvis crunches and moans under the extreme pressure of carrying THE HULK in my belly! There is not an ounce of weight anywhere except my bump (Mount Vesuvius) which makes me look slightly more bizarre than usual.

5 weeks to go and sooooo counting down. I am exhausted and cannot be arsed with anything or anyone. Poor Pixie is getting used to me being a sofa wallower, and is taking advantage of resident slob mummy for story time and spelling practice 5 hours a day cos she knows I can't get up and do much else!

She has enjoyed pottering in the garden this last few days, with her long floaty dresses, polka dot wellies, floppy straw hat and flower Dame Edna sunnies. She looks like someone circa 1960s from Woodstock. Totally bloody gorgeous though :)

And hubby, well, he is hitting every local market stall and is known as The Sweetie Man - he is really enjoying it, although tiring, working for himself seems to be suiting very well.

I am practically living on the below...

I sooooo don't want any other food and am having a ton of these every day, for most meals. And chocolate too, but mainly cereal. Baby doesn't want anything else, it would appear :(

A lovely little gift for Pixie from Sarah - thank you! xx


shell said...

Those bootees are gorgeous - well done you xx

little grubs said...

Hi Claire - I've finally been catching up on some blogs. How busy have you been since I last visited?!!!! I can't believe baby is so close aswell (although it probably doesn't seem that close to you!). Well done with the bootees - doesn't it feel great to master something new?! x