Saturday, 30 May 2009

Huge egg!

This is the monster that one of our girls laid....

(the egg, not the apple)

and this is what we got from inside.

What a whopper!

Sunshine has been lovely, if not a little too hot for my largeness. 4 weeks and counting down - Branston Pickles (Braxton Hicks) have been worse than my early stage labour last time. Having to stop and breathe through the bad ones. It's all good though :)
Heat and little girls do not mix so well after a while - tiredness becomes uncontrollable naughties and tears. Lots of cuddles alternated with shouting today. Poor monkey was asleep before she lay down tonight.

Our two new girls: Chocolate (Mark 2) and Matilda...

Crap picture but the little buggers kept skipping off.

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little grubs said...

Let's hope baby isn't quite so large - proportionally speaking!!! x