Friday, 15 May 2009

One blanket done!

The not-so-gender-neutral blanket is now completed! At chuffin' last! The man (or lady) hours that I have put into it have worn me down, but can't wait to wash it and make it all ready for new baby. I took this piccie just before finishing off the edging.

The second GP wool donation blanket is well under way now too...
A piccie of her Ladyship digging in the garden. With a lovely blue linen dress on, concealed by a hot pink mac (which I detest!), spotty dotty wellies and positioned comfortably antique rocking chair! She declared that it was more comfy and she "didn't fancy kneeling down because it was a bit soggy".

I've also learned that I am starting to dislike labels. As in 'what type of parent are you?' I am what I am (there's a song there...): I don't need a label or to belong to feel like I'm doing it right. Everyone has their own merits and should never be made to feel a lesser person for their shortfalls. And life isn't all happy, peaceful living: at times it really is quite shit. But that's ok. Because that's half the challenge. Climbing out of the shit and carrying on up the hill.


shell said...

I definitely hear you there lovely.

Those blankets look fabulous - that babe is going to look gorgeous and snug wrapped up in those.

Becks said...

The blankets are great Claire. Lucky bump.
And as for labels...pshh! Aren't they meant to for telling us how to wash our clothes? Or what the ingredients are in the cans? Best place for them anyway!

Dawn said...

Hi, nice to see your blankets coming along. There's nothing like being comfortable whilst gardening - I love how your daughter has a chair out there!

I hate labels too, people don't need labels. I always liked a quote i heard years ago -
“Once you label me, you negate me”
Soren Kieiegaard (Philosopher)

Claire said...

I have actually found a crochet pattern I understand for baby booties now, so watch this space! I like the labels quote Dawn - very apt. Becks: I don't even read the labels on clothes, so I think I have a total aversion to them! xxx