Monday, 7 November 2011

Shocking, I keep forgetting to blog! Such is being a super-busy girl here.

My first half-marathon was yesterday - awesome! I had a great run and crashed in much quicker than I thought. Due to a persistent groin injury I thought I would be hugely slowed down (well come on, I can't very well ask my physio to give me a little rub 'down there' can I?!).

So yeah, all cool there. I have a 10k race in a few weeks, and am hoping to enter the NYC Marathon 2012...THE big one! Hooyah!

So what else? Errrrr....lots of work, interspersed with my glorious pixies, lashings of cakey and the love of a good chap, actually.

We also have more new hennies, not such great pictures as I was chasing them around the garden at the time.

We have a White Sussex, two Rhode Island Reds, a Warren, a Silver Speckledy and a Blue Star. We lost our oldest girl last week *sob* Small pixie said "For tea?" I was horrified! The Boy thought it was hilarious (me and the children are vegetarian).

We are going to get another two girls soon.

We've been working really hard on the business and it's gotten rather busy, so I've done slightly less writing and more admin for the website and has taken some setting up and isn't finished yet, but we're really pleased with the progress. We have a great designer who has an excellent eye for colour and graphics.

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Danigirl said...

Well done with the running :-) Sorry about your chicken :-( Hope you're all well otherwise x