Saturday, 19 November 2011

I need a Time-Turner...

...I wonder if Ms Granger would lend me hers??

Another busy week again. Where do the hours go to? I have a list as long as both arms put together, nestled on my desk; conveniently being hidden by crystals and a cup of tea. Because it's hidden, I can't see my jobs, hence bugger all gets done.

It's a simple pattern really: try it sometime! 

We are awaiting shipments from Hong Kong for some stock, and awaiting the final version of the website from our designer. I hate waiting. It makes my grumpy. Well, more grumpy than usual.

Our client base is shooting off in all weird and wonderful directions, which whilst being awesome, it means we need to rethink our stock, staffing and premises again. But not today. I can't be arsed. A few broken night's sleep has left me a bit disjointed so I need to regroup and re-org again.

As I type, I can see our hens completely decimating the garden. Totally. They have crapped *everywhere* and eaten everything, even the stuff that wasn't even remotely edible. Not the best thing when you're trying to run two businesses from home. Ho hum, I still love them, although they will be returned to their little pen shortly, when we've extended the fence higher.

So I have actually managed to do some crafting:

.925 sterling silver crochet pendant, interspersed with citrine and topaz, for an 18th birthday gift.

A sterling bracelet with drop citrine and topaz charms, and a crystal and silver heart charm.

Some earrings to match

All packaged, ready to go.

And a new stash of crystals for me!

It was quite nice to play with jewellery again as I rarely get the time these days.

And I'm back on the training programme. I have another race  next week, only a 10k, but I feel quite fit and my knees no longer resemble little puddings after the half-marathon!


Danigirl said...

Hey sweetness - only just realised (cos I'm a tad slow ;-) ) that you've left FB - just wanted to send big hugs and hope you're maanging to find that time. I know I'm rubbish and generally forgetful but if you need anything just shout x

Miss Bliss said...

Ha! Thanks lovely :) I am actually getting to the bottom of my looooong list, so it is working! I hope you and your beauties are good - we're all great here. I am enjoying having no FB to annoy/distract me! Hugs to all xxx