Saturday, 29 October 2011


It was my friend's daughter's birthday this week and we had made her some little gifts - a crystal charm with her birthstone; some button hair slides; sweeties and a handmade card with an upcycled envelope from an old beautifully-coloured Katie Morag book that we have a duplicate of.

The little girl was delighted with the whole lot and so thankful that we had made an effort to make something entirely bespoke to her.

It just made me think of several kids' parties we have been to recently, where the parents have been waiting at the door, collecting gifts and shovelling them into bin liners! This horrifies me and makes me not want to bother with that extra-special wrapping paper or the gift tag made from letter beads, as I just know that no one really gives a shit. Except me.

I do know of some children who are really appreciative of gifts. I always make sure my children send thank-you cards following being gifted something. 

Christmas/Yule this year will again be handmade, like it has been the last few years. We do a Thanksgiving Tree, encouraging the children to be grateful for other things, and not just the materialistic ones. And thus avoiding the seemingly regulation Argos catalogue, with turned-down pages most children are handing to their parents (who incidentally, find this behaviour wholly acceptable).

Here is our Thanksgiving Tree from a few years back (when we had a skanky carpet!):

I leave a little cauldron of cards on the hearth, with a hole punched and folded so it can be closed with wool, and every time we think of something we are thankful for, we write it on the card and hang on the tree. We open them all together after dinner. The big pixie's thankfulness was all about being loved, having a lovely warm house and lots of food!

Just a small rant because this subject really pisses me off.


smilymel said...

Oh I'm totally with you. I went to a little girl's 4th birthday party which was a couple of weeks after her birthday. As we came in she asked "where's my present?" I had given her a carefully thought out present on her birthday! Nice to know that she appreciated or even remembered it!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving your idea of a thankful tree :-) I know what you mean about pressies, why do kiddies now open them in front of their friends any more? Mine always do so their friends can see the smile of my childs face and have a personal thanks when they open it. I have never had one of those arranged parties so maybe that is why but it is still sad. x

Miss Bliss said...

Thank you both! It's not just me then, being a picky mother :) We have a party to plan for December so I'll keep you posted - investigating using the village hall and having a magician, cost depending, instead of a play area. Never bloomin' easy, is it?! We are starting our Thanksgiving Tree on 1st December too, so I'll post some pictures of this year's d├ęcor! xxx