Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Flylady-ing my ass off

Over at GS, we have our very own FlyLady, ready to haul-ass on the cleaning side of life.

If I am left to it, without any organisation, I get all of a dither and not much gets done. I need to split my day up into work time, play time, cooking time, cleaning time, chill-out time, wine time...

Today was cleaning the hallway. So I did. It's all sparkly and dog-hair-free with nicely polished bannisters, although not by doing this:

I even managed to tidy my crochet basket

It probably won't look that neat by the morning; already a naughty small pixie has been fiddling and twiddling with my wool.

I am running a half-marathon next month, to raise money for Help for Heroes and I have been struggling with shin-splints. My Army days have seen my pretty little pins pretty much buggered, but hey-ho, it's marathon training we go. I'm running the NYC marathon next year so my legs will bloody well have to keep up. I have rested for a few days now, but am on a 10-miler tomorrow evening. Ice at the ready :-)

I have lists-a-go-go today. Lots of planning going on for work. Because I work from my little desk overlooking the garden, I do find it much harder to stay motivated. Oh look, the hens are out again...

See? So I *need* my lovely lists to retain brain power and stay driven.

And I do need to transfer the remaining herbs before we change the hen pen yet again. We're getting another four girls, some cutesy little ones with fluffy heads. We're extending the run onto the veg patch over winter, so they can poop and fertilise the patch for next year. 

Must add that to my list...

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Roseberry said...

I don't function without lists! I think there are a lot of us who rely on lists to get all sorts done.
My trouble is I need a list to remind me there is a list to remind me there's a list to .....you see where I'm going with this Lol!

I think you're amazing coping with shin splints and planning more marathons. I've never suffered but have been told it's very painful. I'd run a mile (no pun intended!) at the thought.

Much love xxxx