Wednesday, 30 March 2011

First attempt at needle felting :)

Well I am a bit of a craft biff actually. I can do lots of things, but mostly mediocre, not really excelling at anything. Which is ok by me! 

So wondering what all this needle felting lark was, I decided to have a bash (and wondering why no one has told me how stress-relieving it all is to repeatedly stab a needle into something - Dawn?!).

Some little felty eggs

Some nests for chicks to go in, with initials of Big Pixie's friends for spring gifts.

Chickies in the nest!

My voodoo Winnie The Pooh (sponge substitute is ACE!)

A hair slide each for me and my pixies.

The whole house is reeking of wild garlic that we foraged today, so the next post should hopefully be some of the makings from that. Already eaten a shed-load for tea tonight :)


Shell said...

Oh, lovely makes xxx

Dawn said...

Lovely, look at you go with those needles, love the nests. Yes it's great for stress relief, but be careful not to miss the wool! (ouch!).
You'll be hooked now, and you're little pixies will be wanting to try soon too ;)