Sunday, 27 March 2011

Back on the ball

After a nice little break, I am back.

After shifting some riff-raff from my life, I feel tons better. Isn’t it funny how some things can affect you when you’re totally unprepared for your own reactions? But ne’mind. Crap has been removed and disposed of J and I shan’t be getting involved with any more undesirable people or situations in the future.

Been incredibly busy with the beautiful pixies and lots of play dates and friends visiting has kept me more than occupied – the weather is helping lots as we can all be the garden more.

My book is FINALLY ready to send off, just need to cajole my good friend Rach to help me with a synopsis…hint hint Rach?! It’s a do-it-now-and-stop-procrastinating situation. And if it all turns to rat shit, then I shall get it bound and copied anyway for my children because they love it!

Crafty things? Well here is my season swap when I was part of the GP forum. I really enjoyed making it – I made one for us last year and have since made one for the children. My recipient really liked it too, which is always good! I got a gorgeous hand-painted pot and crocheted daffodil and egg from Joxy, which the children love immediately placed it on their seasonal hearth.

A lovely friend L gave the pixies a fab little Ikea table and chairs. Her children had done the usual child-happy task of decorating the table with pen and paint, so it will be a project to redecorate it in the coming weeks so hopefully I will remember to picture it! Looking for ideas for wood decoration too, if anyone has any (has to be easy!) to recommend?

The gardening is coming along too and our new veggie plot has been duly raked, pecked and pooped over by the hens, so it should be nicely fertile for a-sowing and a-growing.

Our friends with a smallholding are housing some chilli plants for us, so I hope to maybe pop some more seedlings in there to bring them on.

Lots of herbs this year too. I use an awful lot in medicines so it would be good to increase our stock of them. My favourite is calendula – I use it for everything, and the good old nettle – amazing properties.

And I’m back to making lists again. My memory is shot these days, so I need to have lists of things to do: where I should be at what time, whose house I am due at for HE meets, and another list, to remind me of where the first list is kept J


Joxy said...

Good to see you blogging :-)

(psst, you've posted this post twice..just in case you hadn't realised)

Lady Green said...

Thanks :) I tamper with the font and must have pressed send twice. Duh!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Ah - i thought I was in a time warp - and I could be doing with the extra days, so thanks. xxx

Dawn said...

Sounds like you've had a spring clean, lovely to see you on the blog again.
Hope your book does well when you go for publishing, is it a childrens book? Just being nosey, or should I wait for the launch party ... with cakey! Good Luck x

Shell said...

Looking good lovely xxx

Lady Green said...

Thanks ladies :) Would be fab to be published again, but I am not holding on to too much hope, but one has got to try hasn't one?! It's a children's book yes. But if it is successful, there will be mucho cakey at the launch party Dawn! xxx