Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cakeage and craft

*That* time of the month has arrived; see picture above. Nothing more needs to be said.

A grandma-knit beret and scarf for a small girl (delightfully modelled, accompanied by pyjamas)

I made a padded notice board last year for the children's room, but I needed something smaller for my desk. Because my desk is in our lounge area, I wanted it to be unobtrusive. I had a bit of an urge after spotting this from my Pinterest board, but well, I have to do things right *now*, and I had no clips etc, so I fashioned this:

A stiff piece of picture framing card, covered with some left-over golden raw silk. I attached some silver elastic (with glue, pins, safety pins - whatever it took - seriously, I'm not gonna show you the back because it's a true bodge job!)

Perfect for little notes to remind me of all the crap I know I'll forget.

I look pretty organised now, don't you think?!

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