Sunday, 25 September 2011

Buttons and birthdays

We had two children's parties yesterday; pure torture. Think of a squillion wailing and noisy monsters running amok, hopped-up on candy and sugar-infested treats. Bliss.

So to chill out, I played with my vintage buttons :)

Twisting them into wiry flowers, inspired by the bridal bouquet of last weekend. 

(And also harvested the remaining lavender this weekend too)


Roof said...

Button twiddling strikes me as the perfect antidote to children's parties....... They look really good!

Roof said...

Hmmm...... My first comment has disappeared into the ether.... maybe it's waiting for approval.... Anyway - love the button flowers, and sharing your love of lavender - smuggled some back to KTM from out old garden in Shropshire - v precious! xx

Miss Bliss said...

Yes, the buttons were rather soothing to twiddle ;) And lavender is my amazing remedy for everything! So simple, but so soothing. I can't grow it though - I kill things! I swiped mine from my father :)Hope you're all settled back in again in KTM xxx

Danigirl said...

Love the button flowers :-)

Talie said...

Eee tha's a dark horse Miss Bliss! Thought you said you waznay blogging ne more?

Love the twiddly buttons. I'm a bit spaced on Lavender at the mo'. Been making lavender cushions all day *yawn*. xxxx

P.s, glad you liked the Lentilly stuff :)

Miss Bliss said...

Thank you ladies :) Yes Tal, I wasn't blogging for a while, but I still have stuff to blather on about, so you have to listen to me again! I've stacked the lavender together and put it on display but I might make a little sleep cushion with it. Lentils were AWESOME! Didn't use a spurtle to stir them