Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Kitchen Witchery

Foraging, gathering, hunting...all for nature's little secret gems, hidden away in woods and gardens, some not so hidden, but there for the taking. If you know what the chuff you're looking for, of course...

Some lovely red grapes from our next door neighbour's vine.

Simmery simmery, bubbly bubbly, add sackloads of sugar...

And voila. Two child-sized pots of jam. Yes, all that fannying in the kitchen for some miniature grape jelly jars. But good Goddess, it's awesome. Lickably, dip-your-fingers-in-and-scoop-it-out gorgeousness. Quality, not quantity then I guess...

And some elderberries and cinnamon sticks simmering away. Apparently they made the house smell of a dead goat. But you know, whatever. I couldn't smell anything.

Strain through a muslin and bottle. Our cold and flu mix is bottled and ready to see us through the winter.

If you've not read Susun Weed's Healing Wise book, do. It's like a magical enchantment of the most basic and often found plants.

Like the stinging nettle. Potently perfect for women.

This has fast become one of my favourite tipples - nettle tea. And it's remedied my painful periods. Now, just the inner bitch and PMT to tackle...back to the kitchen I think.


Shell said...

Lovely stuff.

When you find the stuff for the inner bitch let me know ;o)


LesleyA said...

Dead goat or no, the elderberry mix is awesome stuff!