Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 2010

Wish we were here...

But we weren't :)

We wanted to get up for sunrise and drive to a high view point, but with a home ed group at 10.30 a good drive away; a frequently nursing infant and a car sick girl, I was not taking the risk of a 02.00hrs start.

So we had a sunset party in our garden once babe was snuggled and asleep.

Toasting marshmallows with Daddy ("Pixie - they're not vegetarian you know?" "I know mummy, I'm only having a few though!") Pixie says she is now vegetarian, but she will eat only "good quality organic meat". Think I may have influenced her a little.

Rocket and leaves from the garden, home made Solstice pizza (what? it was full of sun-coloured veggies!) and a good dollop of ketchup :)

A lovely symbolic fire

Some cloud gazing as the sun went down

And a small lady getting tired at 23.00hrs, although not for giving in and sleeping - was well after midnight before she settles, and bizarrely, still daylight nearly.


Talie said...

Sounds like a lovely compromise. Every year I say I'm going to be up for the sunrise but I just can't wake that early!

We have solstice pizza too! The tradition growing in our house for solstice grub is basically 'is it sun coloured, sun shaped, got sunflower seeds in' etc, you get the idea ;-)

Glad you enjoyed the festivities.

hawthorn said...

We also wished we could have been there, but the constraints of life got in the way, so at 12.28pm I stood with my trees and listened to the garden and this weekend we are going to celebrate (albeit a bit late!) with a sun cake and a solstice feast and fire in the garden. I love the idea of the solstice pizza too!

Claire said...

Solstice Blessings to you both! Hawthorn, your weekend sounds like fun - hope it was :) xxx

Hip Mountain Mama said...

looks like a beautiful day!