Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beautiful Blog Award

Thank you to Rubles for my Beautiful Blog Award a few weeks back!

I think the thing is to pass the award onto 10 other blogs. There are sooooo many out there that inspire, delight, excite, motivate...but I have so little time to read blogs these days. I have a few firm favourites that I love and try to keep up with. Here is my list of seven that I award Beautiful Blog Awards:

  1. Miss Meep's Guide to Living
  2. Childhood Magic
  3. Pixie Mama
  4. Free Range Family
  5. Roof's Greenerlets
  6. Little Rainbows
  7. Walk Slowly Live Wildly
  8. Bucolic Frolics
I love the fact that these folk keep it real. I find some blogs really too much to take - they're too perfect - in the style of "love and light and a million feckin' fairies shine down on my life"... etc. We all know life can be shit at times, throws a bucketload of crap our way often and is mighty unpredictable.

But in the midst of the mire, there are little shining beacons of light that make you remember why you are alive; make you remember that first pang of love you ever felt; the innocent smiling faces of children who are untouched by the scabbiest happenings in the's these glimmers of hope and love that I adore. Thank you ladies for your inspiration :)




Thank you so much!! So sweet of you. Can't wait to browse the other links!

Miss Meep said...

Aw, thanks so much - that's made my day x

Danigirl said...

Thanks Claire :-D