Monday, 1 March 2010

Almost Spring

It's amazing how the change from dark to light can make one want to come out of hibernation :)

I've had lots and lots of freelance work in, that has actually taxed my little custard-filled brain.

The children are growing and developing perfectly, especially little pixie who at almost 8 months, is way ahead of herself, meaning Mummy and Daddy must be on their guard at all times.

This last week has brought a highly annoying and pointless health visitor check - can these people BE any more patronizing, misinformed and poorly educated? (said in a Chandler-esque tone).
I do not need to be told how to brush my child's ONE and ONLY tooth, and nor to I need to be misinformed that adult-strength fluoride is a MUST for a baby.

I also do not need to be told how to communicate with my baby, like I am some amoeba and don't understand the basics in childcare. And don't get me started at the repeated 'invitations' to inject the toxinous swine flu crap into my children...

We're now busy planning what to plant in our garden for this year. Pixie says definitely strawberries, and we're hoping to do some swapping and sharing with our friends on their smallholding so we can get some lovely produce from them.
Here are two presents from them for my birthday and from Christmas:

Our family of hedgehogs

and a lovely planter. These are fab and they were done with a chainsaw - James is a chainsaw sculptor and does AMAZING work.


Pippa said...

Oh, I am very, VERY envious of that gorgeous planter!! Chainsaw art is just amazingly clever, I love watching it at country fairs!!

You made me smile about your HV check. One of my health visitors was a really young thing with a micro-skirt and loads of makeup who didn't have any children and barely looked old enough to be out of school herself. It was very hard to take her seriously, especially when she asked such stupid things!!

Dawn said...

Lovely to see you blog again, wow how Eveline has grown.

Love the planter, we've seen a local chainsaw sculptors work and it's amazing to watch and see the results.

Danigirl said...

Hey nice to see you back - love the pictures, little Everline is getting big! We politely declined our 8 month check, I just couldn't face it ;-D Hugs to you all C x