Saturday, 13 March 2010

8 months of love

Little Pixie:

Well my darling, you are 8-months-old this week.

We welcomed you into this world so much more peacefully than that of your sister's birth (well maybe I shouted a little at some point...).

I still remember your beautiful, clear blue eyes staring up at me as if to say, "I'm here, what's all the bloomin' fuss been about?"

You make us all smile and laugh so much, with the way you are constantly happy.

The way no one can make you shriek with laughter like your sister.

The way the first thing you do in the morning is roll over and poke Daddy in the eye until he wakes up, and then you treat him to the beamiest of smiles and say, "Ba ba!"

The way you navigate around the house with your pivoting, rolling and commando crawling, like an extra from the film Entrapment, where Catherine Zeta-Jones does her thing with the lasers.

The way the dog delights you by licking your hand.

The way you play hidey-boo with your toys.

The way we snuggle together in the quiet of the night whilst you nurse, with your tiny warm fingers wrapped around mine, and your wriggly little legs tucked into my tummy.

The way you have filled all of our lives with love and laughter and completed our beautiful family perfectly.

Thank you choosing us to be your family, my baby girl. We love you and your sister eternally and wish you a lifetime of happiness, health, love and freedom.

Mummy xxx


ruby said...

ohh that was such a lovely post Claire, I can't believe she is 8 months old already, time flies so fast, hope you have a lovely mummys day x

Danigirl said...

Beautiful xxx

Pippa said...

Aw, that's lovely. xxx

lucy said...

what a lovely post and shes such a wee beauty x 8 months already ! gosh thats flown by .

Daisypip said...

Wow 8 months! A beautiful post for a beautiful little girl. Brought a tear to me eye :) x