Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry chuffin' Christmas!

That time of year is here again. The mad, consumer-manic, corporation-cashing-in, credit-crazy season that is Christmas.

I can't bear it. Seriously. What way is it to teach our youngsters that hundreds of pounds worth of electronic games and plastic tat is the future?

Or that a a huge pile of gifts on the tree mean your parents love you more than the child down the road.

Pah! We're not going in for any of that - Santa included, and this year we have been eco-conscious and frugal, handmaking all of our gifts from chutneys to jewellery to candle holders. Balls to the apparent lure of 'Half Price Sale Now On' and chuff-off to the 'How much have you spent on your daughter then?' folks who are too nosy for their own good.

Even our wrapping paper is brown parcel paper stamped with snowflakes and decorated with paper string - all compostable. Whether people will compost or recycle it is another matter...

Plus, our daughter is three on Boxing Day, so how much is that a confusing time for her? We have gone for making her birthday a big party day and Christmas a nice quiet family day, with games, lots of good food and quality time and a nice walk to look at the seasonal things we can find.

We have bought her books, a jigsaw, a bike and some lovely handmade gifts from the gorgeous ladies on the GP forum. I shall endeavour to get some photies on here later.

And....AND I even have crochéted a scarf for my girl - all lovely in mint with fury tassley bits on the ends. Most proud I am and can't wait for her to see it.

So there.

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Laura said...

Happy new year! x