Saturday, 7 September 2013

I am a tart!

In the diary sense, of course. I literally go through at least five diaries a year. I like pretty notebooks, stationery, pens etc. One client even remarked that I had changed diaries since last month's meeting. That would be ok, but it was only March when he said that. Errr, maybe I have continuity issues. But I'm a writer, so that's ok ;)

I have an abundance of Filofaxes - they are pricey! I didn't think the husband would be so thrilled with *another* new Filo therefore my black shabby one was due an airing.I wondered if I could 'back' it, you know, like we did at school with wallpaper and a chemistry book?

I used one of the children's baby dresses that I had previously upcycled into a bag for them (on here somewhere...) and some stick-your-fingers-together sticky glue.

Finished off with some matching ribbon (but this might be replaced with Washi tape) and an old hair band to fasten it. I love it. For now.