Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Goodbye for now...

Well I have been a busy Lizzie.

A ton of jewellery to make, birthday preparations, Yule/Xmas makes, trying hard to avoid materialism/Santa/crassness of Xmas, and plain old day-to-day living-ness has kept me nicely away from the 'puter this month.

So I shall sum up in pictures.

My new beanie, crocheted by me, actually FOLLOWING A REAL PATTERN!

I'm getting rather good actually, so I'll be working on this new-found skill. I made some lovely slippers for the big girl for her birthday in some yummy chunky wool.

Yule fire, complete with mead

The big pixie in one of her birthday dressing up outfits; with her birthday cake and looking just plain beautiful

The small pixie ready to go off out in the car for a ride
A rare bit of snow for Lancashire

This has been such an amazingly busy year. Our second beautiful daughter joined us, hubby was made redundant, hubby successfully started his own business and fulfilled his ambition, and I have been busy with the children, house, husband...it hasn't really seemed to stop.

But now I want to hop off the roundabout for a while, so I shall be taking a break from online life.

I have a full manuscript and artwork ready to send off to an agent, so I will be spending what little spare time I have polishing this up and getting it off. I should have done this last year, but really, I felt like crap for the first half of the year, and have spent the second half with my boobs constantly out at the 24 hour Milk Bar.

My green-ness will still be continuing, as will my crochet (am starting a throw for our bed with Granny squares).

But writing is where I have always wanted to be, so I think at almost 31-years-old, I should get off my ass and get back to it. A four-year break is long enough.

So I wish you love, health, happiness and mucho muffins for 2010 and will say goodbye for now.

Thank you for reading this year,



Danigirl said...

Glad you have enjoyed the festive season and that Phoebe had a nice birthday. Huge hugs to you and the whole family Claire, hope that the next few days/weeks/months go well for you all, you will all be in my thoughts, hope to see you back online soon Clair xx

shell said...

I hope that 2010 brings much love for you all, and that all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled. I'll miss your blogging. Love to all. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Boohoo, I shall miss your online-ness! Happy New Year and good luck for all you have planned!

Roof said...

Crikey - I shall miss you too! But also jolly good on you! All lovely wishes for the new year, xx

Dawn said...

Will miss your posts. Good luck with your writing though, hope 2010 brings more success and joy to your lives.