Sunday, 22 November 2009

Charity Shop Bonanza!

Another trawl in our local are the results:

A piano book for moi - I used to love this range when I was a child. 25 pence!!!

A 100% wool hat. Not sure whether I really like it or will wear it, but I can always make something and felt it.

Some books for Pixie - 25p each!

Innocent smoothie book, RRP £12.99 - we got it for TWENTY FIVE PENCE!!! There are some AMAZING recipes in here - all I need now is a juicer and I'll be a raw foodie convert!

A four-disc Classic FM box set - £4.00 (a bit pricey I thought, but then, you know, I think I'm used to such bargains, I'm turning into a right bloody miser!)

A Flik Flak watch for Pixie - we were getting her one of these for her birthday anyway, admittedly, a pinky one, but hey, for FIFTY PENCE!!!! ya can't complain! They retails at £22 upwards.

And some clothes for me - a top, skirt and lovely knitted cardi - all for £8.
And a silk scarf for my Mammy but I'd already given it to her by the time I was a-taking the piccies.
Well all of these bargains almost made me pee a little with excitement. Old Betty in the Hospice Shop thought I was most strange to be running amok all the clothes and books with a manic "Here's Johnny!" smile but I really didn't care.
In fact, I think someone should commission a new TV programme: "The Charity Shop Hop" starring, or course, me. And I'll show viewers how to rummage through the stuff that smells of old lady wee, to find the treasured pieces hidden under all the crap.
Next blog: how to bypass the horendously priced Egloo and make your own plastic hen house for little or nowt.


Pippa said...

Crikey!!! Not surprised you were running round the shop on a high!! I love those piano books too and the watch - such a bargain!! And the juicing book!! Some people still refuse to go into charity shops - they do not know what they are missing!!! Well done!!

ruby said...

STOP!!! you cannot make that show because then others will be rooting and we will miss out hehe, you could cut out the middle bit which shows the "wee, granny mothball smell dig" through the big pile which no other dare to venture into and then it would be safe x
My friend came today in despair as no one had bought any of her stuff from the car boot, so she thought of me because I always have other peoples junk!!! was I offended?, of course not especially when I found a pair of Matthew Williamson pants in the pile!!

Becks said...

Great bargains. We also bought "Guess how much I love you" from the charity shop last week. And for 25p also!
And don't you dare go making that show, our local charity shop is full of bargains and I'm not sharing....