Saturday, 18 October 2008

Crystal crafting...

This morning, I have mostly been making....jewellery!

The weather is pretty cack and we didn't want to go anywhere out that cost money! Part of our crackdown on saving the pennies and all that credit-crunch malarkey.

So here are my craftings from today:

A pair of snowflake obsidian and black onyx with crystal bead earrings;
A pair of lapis lazuli and crystal bead earrings;
Silver cage with crystals, mounted on either a key ring or a suede-effect purple cord for round-the-neck wear.

And a lovely silver bracelet, with alternate rose quartz and amethyst stones.

Very productive! That, and I have re-arranged all of busy child's toy area so that we can actually get through and access things.

Chickens are most disallusioned with the wet weather and have a good old cluck cluck at me, waiting for a handful of fresh green grass.

So we're having an in-afternoon, with jigsaws, cake and Daddy building bricks. Bless him.


Becks said...

Beautiful jewellery Claire. So talented.

Claire said...

What lovely earrings! Where do you buy your supplies?

nocton4 said...

come back, we miss you

Claire said...

So sorry - been so horribly ill I haven't had the energy to post! Hopefully I will get chance to write something later. Thanks for reading though xxx